Why breeding dobermans?


There is need to keep this wonderful race alive.

They served humans in war and peace times.

They should not die an early death through incest depression.


Incest mating during the 60th and 70th last century reduced live expectancy dramatically,

still up to now.


It could not be, that someone say: "what your Dobi died with 8 years of age...wow that's quite old!"


Even other breeds suffer(ed) from the same reason.

A strict selection...offspring limits of popular sires, fresh gene pools, open studbooks, binding health tests, DNA database lead out of this dilemma.


It is not too late to put this race on a strong basis.


A properly thought out mating of healthy ancestors descendants.

The study of pedigrees must be an obligation.


Health is the bottom line of performance and beauty!


To achieve a part of keeping this race alive, is for me as a Dobi fan and a veterinary surgeon a duty.

For Gina

Tierarztpraxis Brack

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